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Digital security and privacy of the highest level

Your personal data is important. That’s why itsme® respects eIDAS, the European regulation for electronic identification tools, and GDPR, the European privacy regulation, resulting in the best possible protection of your data.

Security at your fingertips

Literally. Your digital identity can only be used on your smartphone, with your mobile number and your installed itsme® app. A unique combination which only gives you access to your personal data.

Only you know your code

There is no database with itsme® codes. That means you are the only person in the world who knows the 5-digit code to use your itsme®.

Secure network

With Belgian Mobile ID, your data is always encrypted for storage or communication to a partner (provided the user agrees, of course) and all parties are protected against fraud and manipulation attempts.

Your data are protected

Data are securely stored in the safest Data Center in the EU we could find.

itsme® is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

You decide!

With itsme® it’s easy for you

  • to use your digital ID thanks to your smartphone
  • to control the personal data that you share
  • to track your itsme® actions and history
  • to keep your operations secure
  • to allow partners to make sure what you agreed to

How does GDPR and itsme® help you to protect your privacy?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation, a ruling intended to protect the data of the citizens of the European Union. This regulation is effective since 25th May 2018.

GDPR protects any information that can be classified as personal details or that can be used to determine your identity

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Email address
  • Social media posts
  • Personal medical information
  • IP addresses
  • Bank details

GDPR gives you back the control of your personal data and itsme® helps you to manage your digital ID.

All the details can be find here.

What Personal Data itsme® deals with?

Itsme Phone Profile@2X
Identity Data
Identity data

It is all about you, the data on your eID and your e-mail address. On Biometric Data: the closest itsme® gets to having biometric data on you is your eID-picture. itsme® does not store/keep/use your fingerprints: this is done by your smartphone.

Security Data
Security data

It is all about your smartphone and the itsme®-app. This includes location data (but only the country where you are).

Operation Data
Operation data

These are all the transactions you have done with itsme® (login, sign up or confirm a transaction). In all transparency: this is for you, and also for the partner, to trace back what you both agreed to (time, date, data and purpose).

Enrollment Data
Enrolment data

When you agreed to become an itsme® user (by the way: Are you already using itsme®?).