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Cookie Policy

of the itsme® website

Just to be very clear: itsme® takes your trust and privacy very seriously and processes as little personal data as necessary. However, to provide you with the best service possible, we need to process some personal data. If you use itsme®’s services, you agree to our Cookie policy.

itsme® changes its cookie policy every so often. Keep an eye on the website to check if it has changed. To enable easy reading for you, we summarized our Cookie policy below into simple speak.

How do we use cookies?

  • We only use Cookies to optimize your browsing experience and simplify your online transactions.
  • Cookies help us study purchasing behavior and preferences for our general market research, which will benefit you in the end.

How to manage cookies?

  • You can always manage the use of cookies through your personal web browser’s settings.

Feel free to block cookies, but this may affect how well our service works.

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