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You will need:

your mobile phone with the itsme® app
your bank card, token (LuxTrust) or eID (Belgian ID card) and its PIN code
a cardreader

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Questions & Answers

Get started with itsme®

How and where can I create my itsme®?

In order to use itsme®, you must first download the app in the App Store, Google Play or Huawei Gallery. Then, you must connect your ID data to your itsme® account. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Via our partner banks: Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, KBC
  2. Via the itsme® website using your eID and your eID card reader
  3. With your LuxTrust scan or token

If you have a non-Belgian phone number, you can (for the moment) only create an itsme® account with your eID.

How do I create my itsme® with my eID card (electronic identity card)?

To be able to use itsme®, you first have to download the itsme® app from the App Store or on Google Play. You then have to link your identity data to your itsme® account using your eID (electronic identity card) via this link.

Follow the steps on our website:

  1. Enter your mobile phone number and email address. Confirm your details.
  2. Insert your eID card in the card reader. Validate your identity data. For this step, it is essential to install the Connective software or plug-in and that of your card reader if this has not yet been done.
  3. Sign the itsme® contract with your eID by entering your PIN code
  4. Your identification token (6 characters) will be displayed on your screen

Now follow the steps in the itsme® app:

  1. Enter your mobile phone number.
  2. Enter your identification token (6 characters).
  3. Enter the verification code (5 figures) received by text.
  4. Choose your 5-figure itsme® code and confirm your code.

If your telephone supports Touch ID / Face ID / Fingerprint, you can easily activate it if you wish.

I do not know the PIN code of my eID card (electronic identity card) or the PIN code does not work.

The PIN code of your eID (electronic identity card) was sent to you by post.

If you no longer have this letter, please request a new code from your commune or via this link.

I would like to create my itsme® account with eID (electronic identity card), but I do not have the necessary software programs. Where can I find them?

Install the ‘Connective’ software or plug-in. Click here and follow the steps to install the plug-in.

The following browsers are supported:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Mac OS: Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

If necessary, install the eID software of your card reader. You can download the software from the federal portal.

Where can I find my identification token?

An identification token is a code of 6 characters that you need to connect your ID data to your digital ID. You can request a token by registering on the itsme® website using your eID or at one of our partners: Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, KBC or LuxTrust.

Where can I find my verification code?

The verification code to create your itsme® is sent to your mobile number via SMS. Did you not receive a verification code? Please check if you have correctly entered your mobile number or restart the registration.

Can I activate my account on various devices?

No. The security model by itsme® revolves around the unique combination of your phone number, your smartphone and your itsme® code. That's why your account will only work on 1 mobile device.

Can I use my itsme® account to multiple banks?

Yes, you can use your itsme® to log in and confirm payments at your different banks. No need to have all these card readers anymore! Discover on our website the banks that already use itsme® or check with your bank if they already do.

How to activate itsme® at your bank? *

  • log into your online banking with your card and card reader
  • choose itsme® as authentication method or link your account with itsme®
  • confirm your choice by signing with your card and card reader

You can now use itsme® to log in and confirm at your bank.

* The steps to follow might be different from one bank to another. Do not hesitate to read the frequently asked questions of your bank in order to have more information or contact us at 02/657 32 13 (Mon - Fri from 8:00 to 18:00).

How to update your ID details in your itsme® account?

You have moved or you have a new eID and you would like to update your itsme® account.

You can easily do it with your eID on our website in 3 steps:

  1. Enter your phone number
  2. Connect your card reader, insert your eID and enter the PIN code of your eID
  3. Check and confirm your ID details

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