Can you vote with itsme®?

In theory YES! but,...

In theory, you should be able to use itsme® to vote from home. Behind every itsme® account is a person whose identity is established beyond doubt and certified by his or her eID or bank card. You can also use the identity app to vote in perfect anonymity. The anonymous ‘user code’ behind each account suffices as certification, because it is linked to verified identity details.

Home voting

In Estonia, people have been able to vote remotely for years. But it still remains a difficult and thorny bone of contention. When you’re in the polling booth, there is no doubt that you are alone, whereas anywhere else someone could be looking over your shoulder. Which means that casting your ballot could be less than secret...

Because the Belgian state wants to avoid voters possibly being influenced, it has opted for the conventional polling booth. But it is certainly possible to vote online with itsme®. And that really would bring the government into people’s homes.

Who knows what the future has up its sleeve?

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