Smart Move offer to organisations and associations

itsme®, the digital ID used by 1.5 million Belgians, issues attractive Smart Move offer to organisations and associations: use itsme® free of charge in 2020.

It was in June of his year that itsme® unveiled its Smart Move initiative. Belgium Mobile ID, the company behind itsme®, aims to use Smart Move to highlight the added value that a digital ID system brings to the ordinary person in the street. In doing so, it also seeks to create a community that revolves around the triple concept of ‘security, privacy and simplicity’. All backed by a sense of fairness, ease of access and equality.

As 2019 draws to a close, and to round off a year filled with development and growth on all fronts (see figures and summary statement below), the Smart Move by itsme®movement has an offer that will enable three lucky associations to use itsme® free of charge for a year. The Smart Move movement also supports the “Let’s Simplify Together” campaign run by the Brussels non-profit organisation Espace Cultures et Développement.

A special offer to Belgian non-profit organisations looking to experience maximum digital security, free of charge, for a year…

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Eligible to apply for this offer are all non-profit organisations, NGOs and associations, large or small, struggling to cope with budget restrictions. After all, they still have to protect themselves against the risks posed by the challenges of the digital world.

Which is why, today, the Smart Move initiative is sending out an offer to everyone involved in collective organisations to apply for free use of itsme® by their members, donors and staff in 2020.

Incorporating itsme® into their website or app will help users enhancing the digital experience of their contacts and partners: create an online account quickly, provide totally secure identification, or send out fast confirmation of a donation.

With itsme®, everyone’s a winner because the ID details used and shared by the user are always correct, reliable and secure. There’s no card-reader, no endless little boxes to fill in – and no physical signature required anywhere. Using itsme®also emphasizes the fact that associations do not ask for useless information (which is in line with GDPR) and that people’s data are transmitted totally securely. And, better still, because the data is always encrypted, everyone is protected against fraud and unlawful manipulation.

So, how does an organisation apply to use itsme® free of charge in 2020?

It’s simple: all you have to do is send a documented application to smartmove@itsme.be before 31st January 2020. The application must include details of what your association is, what it does and why having simple, secure identification could improve or assist the way it operates. Next, on 17th February 2020, a panel of judges will select 3 winning projects from all the entries received.

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