01.02: Change Your Password

Change Your Password Day on 1st February

Changing your passwords regularly is important. That is the message of the Global Change Your Password Day on 1st February. The Belgian ID app itsme® also stresses the importance of this simple security measure.

As you lock your house when you leave home, you must lock your online accounts with a strong password. To stay safe, you should change your passwords regularly. At least once a year, that's the rule of Change Your Password Day. Whether it's your home banking, email or social media.

Don't skimp on the security of your digital activities, which is also the advice of itsme® since its launch in May 2017. The mobile ID app has recently received an official recognition of the Belgian Government. itsme® replaces all your card readers, passwords and tokens by one personal secret code of five digits. The security of the app is based on a combination of three elements: your SIM card, smartphone and your secret code. With this combination itsme® offers the highest level of security available in Belgium and even in Europe.

Don't skimp on the security of your digital activities.
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Therefore itsme® is pleased with an initiative such as Change Your Password Day. The application of mobile identity itself has integrated the obligation for the user to modify its secret code once a year. For example, on the anniversary of the creation of your account itsme® or on 1st February 1st!

And the procedure is very simple: in your itsme® app, simply open the menu and select "Change my itsme code". You enter your current code, then the new one (twice). It's done: you created your new 5-digit secret code that only you know. itsme® continues to ensure your online security. And you keep control of your digital identity at any time.

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