Log into websites and apps quickly and securely

“The app enables you to log in to websites quickly, confirm digital transactions and (coming soon) even sign official documents,” explains Kris De Ryck, CEO of Belgian Mobile ID.

With every action they carry out (logging in, confirming or signing) users are required to enter their secret itsme® code into their mobile phone. A single 5-digit code is all it takes. So no more having to remember a user name and password for each different website you visit. And if your smartphone features a fingerprint scanner, you can also work using a fingerprint.

Belgians have known for years that the classic payment card with a chip and a PIN code has always been a reliable system. itsme® is following the same path, but on a mobile phone. itsme® combines the proven efficiency of the payment card with the security technology of the SIM card. “It’s like a second layer of protection” explains Kris De Ryck, CEO of Belgian Mobile ID. “The banks are obliged by law to verify the formal identity of their customers, which provides a watertight identity guarantee: I am who I say I am. The mobile network operators guarantee a highly secure SIM card and mobile network.”

The app itself is secure on three counts: itsme® only works if you use your mobile phone, SIM card and personal itsme® code together. If just one of the three elements is missing, your digital identity is blocked immediately.

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