itsme® turns 3

itsme® is helping Belgium to become digital faster than ever and already past the milestone of 2 million users

itsme® pushing digitalisation to a higher level

3 years after it was launched, the use of itsme® continues to rise. It was exactly 1 year ago that itsme® passed the important landmark of 1 million users and today there are already 2 million. In May of last year, we recorded 3.75 million itsme® actions. This year we’re at the 8 million mark, which is more than twice as many for the month. That puts itsme® well on the way to achieving the milestone of 100 million actions for the year!

Here’s a glimpse of just some of the sectors where itsme® has now become part of our everyday lives: public services (with more than 2,000 applications), the care sector, banking and insurance, HR and social secretariats, document platforms and digitally registered mail, notary practices, accountants, property, utility companies, mobility providers and many more.

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If we look at itsme® as a benchmark for digitalisation in Belgium, we can see immediately just how far-reaching the effect of COVID-19 has been on our ways of living and working. In March, April and May, for example, itsme® outstripped the already high expected upward trend in usage by more than 30%. And the volume of itsme® Sign usage, the qualified electronic signature for signing documents, has doubled during the lockdown period.

itsme® recognised at the highest level of reliability within a strict European framework

It is not emphasised enough, but in terms of digital identity and security (eIDAS – AML – PSD2) and the protection of privacy (GDPR), Europe has developed a legislative framework that leads the world in this field.

A level of quality is allocated to each solution as part of the European eIDAS regulation. As a result of achieving the highest level of reliability, both in Belgium and in Europe, itsme® has earned itself a very strong reputation (itsme® is a notified European identification mean with an eIDAS level of assurance “High”).

This is also one of the reasons why major international players such as Microsoft and Adobe are now working with itsme®, which in turn has created a strong vehicle for the further internationalisation of the app.
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