International aspirations: itsme® crosses the border to Luxembourg

“itsme® has made a really good start in Belgium, which is very pleasing. But we believe that the product has a great deal more potential, including across our national borders,” says Kris De Ryck, CEO Belgian Mobile ID. “Which is why we are particularly proud today to be able to announce that Belgian Mobile ID has signed a strategic partnership with LuxTrust to position itsme® on the Luxembourg market.”

Kris Eidas

“Today, Belgian Mobile ID and LuxTrust, each in its own respective market, share the same vision of a national high-performance digital ecosystem supported by a single digital identity,” says Pascal Rogiest, CEO of LuxTrust “This strategic partnership enables us to envisage the creation of a single digital identity covering Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our aim is to capitalise on the strong complementarity of our products in order to serve these markets effectively, but also to cater in particular for the international digital market, which is now demanding more and more complete management systems for ID and electronic signatures. Today, thanks to Belgian Mobile ID and itsme®, we are very pleased to be reinforcing our international presence and aspirations.”

Pascal Luxtrust
On its first birthday, itsme® can look forward keenly to the years ahead and to the development of digital authentication and identification processes in every possible sector and application. Whatever the future holds, itsme® is ready for it!
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