itsme® Sign accessible to all: SMEs, freelancers and individuals

VisitOnWeb, designer of innovative solutions for freelancers and SMEs, has chosen doccle as a partner for its electronic signature services, including itsme® Sign. Available on www.e-Signature.eu, these services offered in prepaid formulas will contribute to the adoption of the electronic signature with professionals and individuals looking for an easy solution adapted to low volumes.

The right signature method

Simplicity and frequency are two important criteria for adopting new technology. This is the reason why the e-Signature.eu portal offers signing methods which are part of our daily life: .beID & itsme®. itsme® Sign meets the highest level of eIDAS electronic signature requirements, with its legal equivalent for handwritten signature, directly with your smartphone. It is now possible for everyone to have any document signed at any time from any smartphone equipped with the itsme® app.

A simple and efficient interface

Combining simplicity and security to make the solution easy to use is the goal. The interface of e-Signature.eu is designed as simply as possible and contains only basic information: the name / first name and the email address of the signatory are sufficient.

The initiator can then upload all kinds of usual documents, regardless of their format (office, text, pdf, image) and operating system (Windows / Mac). e-Signature.eu's online platform merges it into a single Acrobat file, optimized in terms of size, that will be fully submitted for signature.

A few minutes are enough to sign documents and receive a signed and secure copy.

Prepaid packages accessible to everyone

e-Signature.eu opens access to qualified electronic signatures to everyone. With prepaid formulas from 1 e-Signature and at decreasing prices for multiple e-Signatures, each user can find an offer according to their actual needs.

As Bruno Biemans points out, "Our desire is to make a technology that has proven itself popular and enable everyone to take advantage of the noticeable benefits of the electronic signature."

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source: e-signature.eu

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