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Cardread Tired

Since one year you can finally get rid of all your card readers and use itsme® for identification on your online pc-banking.

Since the start of 2018, itsme® has also joined the online governmental services, to help you deal with all your governmental files much more easily.

Over 650.000 Belgians have already opted for the simplicity and security of itsme®.

Use itsme® with a wide range of new partners from now on

Financial sector: Belfius, Bolero, BNP Paribas Fortis, Fintro, HelloBank!, ING, KBC/CBC, Alterfin and BIT4YOU
Log in and make payments online with itsme® from your PC banking system, without card reader.A first in Belgium: you can open a Bitcoin, ether or other account with itsme® at BIT4YOU, the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Insurances: AXA, AP Insurance and AG Insurance
You can now check your insurance contract, submit a claim or access your dossier at your insurance company on line in one click with itsme®.

Government online services: MyPension, Student@Work, MyCareer, MyMinfin, gemeentelijke diensten and online municipal services
You can use itsme® on CSAM, the access portal to the government’s online services. Every Belgian citizen can now easily connect to a growing number of government applications with itsme®.

Independent Health Insurance Funds: Omnimut, Partena, PartenaMut, Freie and OZ
If you are affiliated to one of these five health insurance funds, you can consult your file thanks to itsme®. Accessing the online service of your health insurer has never been as easy.

Online document management: Doccle, eBox and Connect Solutions
Receive, manage, share and pay for all your documents via Doccle and link it with your personal governmental eBox.Send your registered letters online via Aangetekende.email from Connect Solutions.

Real estate: Biddit and ImmoConnect
For real estate professionals, itsme® is now an easy, secure alternative to log in when using your eID card.

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