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itsme® in your chatbot? Why not...

Integrate itsme® in your chatbot for safer identification processes


Chatbots are an essential tool for companies that want to keep up with the digital (r)evolution. They are available 24/7, remember their customers, and make no mistakes. The only thing a chatbot couldn't do was verify the identity of its conversation partner. Until now.

Together with Arinti, the market leader in AI and chatbots, we created a solution for this gap. When you integrate itsme® into your chatbot you can:

  • identify your customers, even when you don't see them;
  • automate certain processes;
  • share documents or information securely.

Discover the convenience of a chatbot with itsme® for yourself, by ordering a plane ticket via our simulation.

Interested in this option for your company? Questions or remarks? Let's discuss it.

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