Happy Birthday

More than 1,069,813 Belgians have already created an itsme® account, enabling them to confirm their identity online. And last month alone, itsme® was used 3.7 million times. Thank you!

Users: 1,069,813 itsme® accounts

Two years after itsme® was first launched, it has become crystal clear that there was a significant need for a mobile ID app of this type. More than 1 million Belgians have already created an itsme® account. This means that out of the country’s working population – 7.5 million Belgians aged between 20 and 64 –14% already have an itsme® account. Every month an average of 50,000 to 60,000 new users join the itsme® revolution – and we even signed up a new record of 100,000 new customers thanks to the start of the ‘Tax-on-web’ season!

Itsme login web

Usage: 3.7 million actions in May 2019

Use of itsme® is also taking giant strides forward. Since the beginning of the year, itsme® has recorded more than 15 million actions. Last month, itsme® was used 3.7 times to log in online, share data and confirm payments. “Approximately 1/3 of all itsme® actions are for government purposes, with 2/3 with our other partners,” says Michael Anseeuw, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “It is this combination of private and public usage that is driving the strong dynamic growth of itsme®.”

Thank you for trusting itsme® and making digital life more secure and convenient.
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