1st Anniversary for itsme®

Belgium’s itsme® app celebrates its first birthday with 350,000 users

itsme®, the Belgian ID app that does away with the inconvenience of card-readers and online passwords, today blows out its 1st birthday candle. Just one year after its launch, itsme® has already clocked up 350,000 active users who now each use the app on average 4 times a month. And approximately 40,000 new users per month have joined the itsme® revolution since the beginning of this year.

itsme® first saw the light of day on 30th May 2017: a mobile app enabling users to log in foolproof to websites and other apps so that they can approve digital transactions simply and securely. From the moment it was launched, itsme® attracted great interest from leading innovators such as Randstad, Doccle, ClearMedia, Proximus EnCo and Bolero. Then, from autumn 2017, take-up of the app accelerated significantly with the launch of the first itsme® applications by banks and telcos at ING, Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, Fintro, Hello Bank!, KBC/CBC and Proximus. In mid-January 2018, recognition from the Belgian government followed, as well as activation on CSAM with a whole series of attractive services for the general public.

It is this combination of private and public use that has generated the strong dynamic growth that now sees 350,000 active users using itsme® for more than 1,2 million transactions per month – a performance we’re proud of!


Banks lead the way, but other sectors are following fast

Between now and the spring of 2019, virtually the whole of the banking sector will be connected to itsme®. We are delighted to be able to announce that the following banks have already confirmed that they will soon offer itsme®: Argenta, Axa Bank, Bank van Breda, Bank Nagelmackers, Beobank, bpost bank, CPH, Crelan, Deutsche Bank, Europabank and VDK Bank. And a number of them have indicated that they intend to go live with itsme® this year still.

Banks Insurances

Other sectors are not far behind…

  • At the beginning of May, AXA Insurances became the first company in the insurance sector to go live with itsme®. And later this year a number of other important insurance providers will also be making an appearance on the list. DVV Verzekeringen/Les AP and NN have all announced that they will be using the itsme® app.
  • There is also active interest in itsme® in the sector for auction houses and real estate. For example, the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries recently launched the Biddit (www.biddit.be) online property platform. The real estate players, CIB Vlaanderen and Vastgoedloket, also plan to complete the integration of itsme® by the summer.
  • European market leaders in online authentication and digital signatures, such as Signicat and CM Telecom, are also ensuring that itsme® is available for Belgian customers on international platforms and with foreign companies.
  • Other innovative applications can be found in the world of telephone customer service (IPG) and registered mail (Connect Solutions). In these sectors, itsme® provides an opportunity to raise the customer experience and standard of service to a whole new level, including the full digital settlement of contract adjustments or receiving digital registered mail.
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