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A smarter way to be you

itsme®, your digital ID, to log in securely, to share your ID data or to sign by using your mobile phone.

A smarter way to log in

That litany of passwords and user names, away with it. With the itsme® app, you can easily say who you are, and you can always log in safely. 1 app and 1 code, in all peace and security.

A smarter way to sign up

Easily sharing your data to create an account, yes, but you don't want to make everything public. With itsme®, you know exactly when and what information you share.
Be in control of your data.

A smarter way to confirm

With itsme® you no longer need a card reader to finalize your (trans)actions.
Just enter the 5 digits of your itsme® code and ready. Bye bye card reader!

A smarter way to sign

Get rid of all the paperwork and sign with itsme®. This qualified electronic signature will replace your old fashioned handwritten signature and will make your life easier.
No more paperwork.

Bye bye card reader!

Easily confirm your online payments or login to public services without your old-fashioned card reader. Just enter the 5 digits of your itsme® code and ready.

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You are in control

No more long forms, easily share your data with itsme®. But, know exactly when and what information you share.

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Focus on security

itsme® only works with my smartphone, my itsme® app and my personal itsme® code. Moreover, the mobile interactions with itsme® don't only use the Internet but also the highly secured SIM card and mobile network.

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How can I use itsme®?

A digital ID for all Belgians, imagine that! The right data and documents, or an approved transaction in the blink of an eye. Safely and quickly. With itsme®, everybody wins.

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New partnerships & possibilities with itsme®

Each day, new itsme® applications are added. Discover here what you can achieve by using itsme®.

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